How to Burn Video DVD?


With Cool Burning Studio, you are allowed to burn your favorite movies or superstars’ vocal concert to a DVD for easy enjoyment on DVD players with family and friends. This post will be focusing onĀ How to Burn Video DVD with this video DVD burner software.


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How to Burn Video DVD

Step 1. Activate Video DVD Burner

Launch Cool Burning Studio. Insert a blank CD/DVD to the disc drive and click the “VCD/DVD-Video” to run the burner wizard.


How to Burn Video DVD - Activate Video DVD Burner

Step 2. Choose Burning Device

The burner automatically scans your system and all the available drives are displayed in the list. You should select one usable disc drive from the list. Click “Refresh” to update the device list if you plug in new devices or change the disc in the drive.


Choose Burning Device

Step 3. Select Video Disc Type

Select the type of video disc you want to burn from the dropdown menu of “Video disc type”. You can choose “Video DVD”, “Video CD” or “Super Video CD” to meet your demands.


Select Video Disc Type

Step 4. Choose Source Video Data

Add source video file you want to burn and you can have a review of the selected file size & possible file size (if you want to burn video DVD, add premastered VIDEO_TS folder; burn video CD, add MPEG1 file; burn super video CD, add MPEG2 file).


Choose Source Video Data

Step 5. Select Burning Mode & Burning Speed

Select the burning mode and the appropriate burning speed. Click “Next” to start burning and wait until the process bar reaches 100%. The disc will eject after the Video DVD has been completely burned.


Select Burning Mode & Burning Speed

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