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Cool Record Edit Pro - Audio Effects Tutorials

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How to apply an effect

Cool Record Edit Pro has a wide range of effects that can be applied to your audio file. When you apply an effect it alters the composure of your audio file. Most of the effects allow you to decide the degree of the effect altering the audio file.

A) Open your audio file in Cool Record Edit Pro.
B) Select the section of the track you want to apply an effect to (See: Selecting Regions)

C) From the Effect menu, select the desired effect
EXAMPLE: From the Effect menu, select 1Echo...
D) If available, adjust the settings of the effect, you can also choose a 2Preset Effect
EXAMPLE: Choose preset Large Cavern.
E) If available, click 3PREVIEW
NOTE: The PREVIEW button will always be in the lower left portion of the selected effect's dialog box.
Apply Audio Effects

If you are not satisfied with the preview, repeat steps D and E
NOTE: You do not need to close the dialog box for any adjustments to take effect.

F) The effect is applied.